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Charmaine is a baby boomer who grew up in the magic of the Australian bush on the edge of the Royal National Park, among secluded sandstone caves, rock art and an abundance of wildflowers.

This was her playground but mostly her teacher, and it kindled in her an intrinsic knowledge and love of nature and art.

Charmaine has painted and carved since she was a baby. Naïve in style, Charmaine’s unique pen, ink and brush works reflect the inspiration she has drawn from subjects as diverse as the desert, her former waterfront studio near Bellingen, and scenes from the streets and surrounds of Melbourne.

Here at Open Canvas we believe Charmaine is a living legend full of style, grace and courage. Her story is as unique as her works of art, and, similar to the Bellingen River she paints, has been full of twists and turns. From photographer, to professional stunt woman, actor in the hit television series the Aunty Jack Show, to taekwondo black belt, there isn’t much that Charmaine hasn’t experienced.

Charmaine never went to school; at that time, autism-related conditions mostly weren’t understood or diagnosed effectively. Today, Charmaine lives with what is known as Asperger’s Syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder), and the pain of a disability caused from a car accident she was involved in when she was 27 where she broke her back in two places.

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