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Perry has been drawing since high school and was introduced to art classes in 2012 by his father, who recognised his enthusiasm, talent and dedication.

The inspiration for his art comes from many diverse sources, including his extensive travels, museums, the Victorian countryside, and Japanese anime.

Trams and planes are among Perry’s favourite things to paint. Perry has spent many hours at Melbourne Airport observing planes taking off and landing – Ansett and Australian Airlines were among his favourites when they were still flying. His tram piece was in part inspired by the tram in the Australian cult film Malcolm,  as well as his observations from the Melbourne Tramway Museum.

Perry’s art makes him feel happy, calm and comfortable. His hope is to be recognised as a professional artist.

Apart from painting, Perry is also a keen photographer.

Perry receives support for a disability.

Perry’s originals artworks are not offered for sale, but you can buy his art as a print and on other products on the Open Canvas website.

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