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Toby Matheson grew up in Melbourne and has painted since he was a child.

Toby specialises in full-length naive caricatures which echo modern painters such as Opie, Koons and Lichtenstein. His paintings reflect a minimalist approach to portraiture.

Detailing characters from Toby’s own life around Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, Toby’s art has featured in numerous exhibitions. The paintings are sought after for their uncanny ability to capture the mood and look of subjects.

Toby lives with cerebral palsy, a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood, caused by abnormal development or damage to the parts of the brain that control movement, balance, and posture.

According to the Cerebral Palsy Support Network, a baby is born with cerebral palsy every 15 hours in Australia and it is the most common physical childhood disability. There is no cure at this point in time.

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