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How do you help artists?

Primarily we help artists exhibit and sell their artwork – focusing on those who have experienced hardship, disadvantage and marginalisation.

We do this via the Open Canvas website, exhibitions and various other opportunities. Artists benefit by being able to sell original works and other products with their art on them. This provides opportunities for repeat sales from a single artwork, which is important when an artist is impeded from practicing art due to financial circumstances, a disability or some other hindrance.

Exhibiting artwork is an uplifting experience for artists. Our inaugural exhibition is being held in February 2017 at fortyfivedownstairs, a Melbourne-based not-for-profit theatre and gallery.

We provide mentoring and development opportunities where possible, such as workshops with professional artists. We also assist with art supplies where this is a limiting factor to practicing art and participating in Open Canvas.

Is Open Canvas not-for-profit?

Open Canvas is a socially-focused commercial enterprise. We’re a small operation in its infancy and we’re exploring ideas all the time on how we conduct our business. One day we might be a not-for-profit. We’re trying to maximise every single cent that artists receive from each sale, and we think we can do this most effectively at the moment as a commercial enterprise. But things may change as we grow and learn more! Our ultimate aim is for Open Canvas to grow and be a sustainable business, because it will mean we’re empowering and providing direct help to people who need and deserve it … and their art will flourish!

What is the impact of my purchase and where does my money go?

Artists receive 70% of the gross profit from each item you buy. When we say ‘gross profit’, we mean the sale price of the item minus the cost to make and sell the product. These costs include, for example, printing, packaging and shipping costs. The actual dollar amount an artist receives from each sale varies depending on the item sold, such as its size (which influences shipping costs) and if it is manufactured by a third party (we pay people to make many of our products). Where possible, we include information on the dollar amount an artist receives from your order when we provide the item/s to you.

I like an artwork but it’s not offered on one of the products you make…

Contact us and we’ll see what we can do!!

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