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Medium: Sculpted found wood piece with moulded paper clay, acrylic paint and glass beads

Dimensions: Approximately 37cm (length), 20cm (width), 14cm (depth)

Weight: 800g

Notes: There is a small hole in the back of the piece from which it can be hung from a nail or similar.

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Open Canvas artist Chera Lee Conrad

Chera Lee Conrad

Chera Lee’s interest in art began in childhood, when she remembers sculpting play-dough that her mum made. Today, Chera Lee likes to work with materials that she finds to create unique pieces ranging from wearable fabric flowers to carved wooden objects.

It’s a testament to Chera Lee’s resourcefulness, strength and resolve that she survived through significant hardship and continued to develop ideas for her art by researching at libraries.

It was also during this difficult time that Chera Lee discovered a shop in Cranbourne that provided her with inspiration to make her fairy-like creations.

Chera Lee is grateful to have found accommodation through Housing Choices Australia.

To read more about Chera Lee, click here.

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