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Four seasons

Four seasons


Medium: Coloured pencil on paper

Size: 42cm (height), 29.7cm (width)

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Open Canvas artist Rodney Mallee

Rodney Mallee

Rodney Mallee started drawing at a young age. Art is Rodney’s life; it’s a way for him to escape and it makes him feel happy.

After his parents kicked him out of home, Rodney lived on and off the streets for eight years.

In between being homeless he found temporary shelter in public housing and crisis accommodation, started using ice and heroine, and was raped twice.

To get by, Rodney begged, sold his art and scrounged.

Although Rodney was scared while homeless, he also describes feeling alive during this time; and also that his prayers were often answered.

To read more about Rodney, click here.

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