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Humpback Mother & Calf

Humpback Mother & Calf


Medium: Pastel on board

Dimensions: 176cm (width) x 116cm (height) with frame. Actual piece size:  156cm (width) x 96cm (height). The piece is framed in a white conventional frame and covered with a conservation grade acrylic coating (anti-reflective, abrasion resistant, anti-static, shatter-resistant).

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Open Canvas artist Renata BruynzeelRenata Bruynzeel

Renata’s love of art – and the animals she depicts in her work – began at an early age.

Renata has experienced debilitating depression and as a result gave away drawing for many years. After visiting Tonga in 2011 to swim with majestic humpback whales, Renata was so moved by the experience she was able to reconnect with her creativity once again and inspired to create her striking pastel works.

Though it’s hard to believe looking at her art, Renata is completely self-taught and has never had any formal artistic training.

A major turning point for Renata has been support from friends, and finding the right treatment options.

Read more about Renata’s art and life here.

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