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Iris and Arum Lily

Iris and Arum Lily


Medium: Acrylic on board

Dimensions: 62.5cm (width), 34cm (height).

This piece has been framed (black frame). For more images, please contact Open Canvas.

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Open Canvas artist Yvonne ArnottYvonne Arnott

Yvonne is a professional artist and former gallery owner. She has a diverse range of work spanning 50 years and exhibited her first piece of art in 1977.

Yvonne accepts her art as a gift she’s been given. It’s her life, and makes her feel at peace.

Yvonne uses her art as an escape from Conversion Disorder, which causes her to have seizures, uncontrolled reactions and movements, and has left Yvonne isolated and unable to socialise. The disorder is poorly understood and its exact causes are unknown.

To read more about Yvonne, click here.

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