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Las Islas Griegas

Las Islas Griegas


Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 30cm (height), 30cm (width), 3.5cm (depth)

Notes: The title of the piece is Spanish for the Greek Islands. The piece was inspired by Ana’s travels there.


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Open Canvas artist Ana Corral-KellyAna was born in Spain in 1968, and arrived in Australia when she was one.

Ana has been painting since she was 13. Drawing and painting lead her to a magical place, focusing her mind and thoughts.

Ana draws inspiration from Salvador Dali’s works, particularly the skies, backgrounds and water in his paintings. Ana enjoys painting in turquoise and blue – colours that soothe her – and her works also contain blends of reds and yellows, which point to her Spanish heritage.

Some of her favourite subjects to paint include bulls, the ocean, Don Quixote and Greek village scenes from her travels there in 1997.

Ana has lived with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 17 years. She was diagnosed with the disease at age 31, after experiencing a loss of balance and problems with her vision.

To read more about Ana, click here.

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