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Medium: Acrylic on paper

Size: 80cm (height) x 50cm (width)

Description: Tony is a local patisserie owner, hard-working and confident, an embodiment of both old and new cultures of our ever changing world. His family has owned their shop in Footscray since 1956. He believes the area is a real melting pot for very different communities.

This piece is one of several in a series (available for purchase through Open Canvas) where Patrick focussed on Footscray’s diverse characters, exploring the story of this vibrant community ranging from the local residents to the student body of Victoria University. The collection of portraits highlight the variety of cultures and backgrounds found in Footscray, including community leaders and advocates, and talented individuals. The portrait subjects were chosen by community recommendation through social media with an emphasis on a broad scope of age, ethnic background, gender, style and religion. Patrick’s expressive and bold paintings, provide the viewer with a unique insight into the many faces of Footscray.

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Patrick Francis

Open Canvas artist Patrick FrancisPatrick Francis is an award winning artist and his work is included in the collection of the Art Gallery of NSW. Patrick won the ARTAND Australia/Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award 2012, the Victorian Multicultural Art Award 2014 and the Victorian Young Achievers Art Award 2014.

Patrick lives with autism.

To read more about Patrick, click here.

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