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Medium: pen and pencil on canvas panel.

Size: 30.5cm x 30.5cm.

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Open Canvas artist CliveClive has many fond memories of the distant and exotic places he experienced during roving childhood years, and his art captures a wide range of those personal moments he experienced.

Clive has Usher Syndrome – a genetic condition which causes hearing loss from birth and progressive loss of sight due to retinitis pigmentosa, which causes degeneration of the retina.

The condition affects many aspects of Clive’s life, including his speech, hearing, sight and balance. Clive has some useable sight left during the day, but has very little vision at night unless there is good lighting. Clive has difficulty with his balance when stepping from one surface to another, which requires the use of a cane or assistance from a carer.

Clive has always been a quiet person and somewhat withdrawn as his disability has progressed. He derives great enjoyment from his art and has developed a unique style of painting which is appreciated by many people. He loves the company of young people and being with animals, visiting museums, zoos and new places, including pet shops. This is where he draws his inspiration from.

To read more about Clive, go here.

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