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There are many ways you can help support Open Canvas and our artists

Buy something! Artists receive a minimum of 70 per cent of profits from your purchase.

Like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

Spread the word. Recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues about our amazing artwork and stories. If you’re a journalist, get in touch with us for interview opportunities.

Introduce us. We’d love to hear from you if you know any artists who could benefit from being part of Open Canvas.

Mentor our artists. Our artists are always keen to learn more about their craft and become better at what they do. Perhaps you’d like to contribute to the costs of art classes? Maybe you’re an art school who has a spare spot in one of your classes? Or you may be an experienced artist who can spend some time with our artists to teach a technique? We’d love your help!

Donate art and craft supplies. The reality is that many Open Canvas artists find it difficult to access/afford appropriate materials and supplies to create art and craft. You can assist by providing supplies to artists through Open Canvas – a canvas, paint, brushes, art pads, wool and the like. Whether you have surplus supplies, clearance stock or just want to help out, we’d greatly appreciate your generosity. Email us to find out how.

Exhibit our work. Open Canvas seeks opportunities for our artists to exhibit their work. If you have a space for us, or know someone with a space to exhibit, we’d love to hear from you, whether it be a gallery, café, foyer, and the like.

Provide space to practice. For some of our artists, accessing space to do their art can be challenging. If you have an appropriate space, please contact us.

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